Where did my 20s go…

Tomorrow I turn 30, so tonight is the last night of my 20s. I guess this is the first of the big milestone birthdays where you start to look back and reflect on life. At 18 you’re just exited at finally being an “adult” after years of thinking you should be one, at 30 I think it’s just starts to dawn on you that you finally need to be an adult and you wonder what on Earth you’ve been doing for the last 10 years.

That’s been on my mind a lot lately, so instead of dwell on what it means to be 30, I though I’d look back at the last 10 years thinking about some of the things I’ve experienced and achieved. This is going to be quite a self-indulgent post and probably sound a bit big-headed but I’m turning 30 tomorrow so give me a break, it’s all downhill from here… And because it’s so self congratulatory, I thought I’d throw in a few gifs for good measure.

So here goes, 20 achievements/high-points/good times from my 20s:

  1. tumblr_noc317k1Gm1s4mje1o1_500Travelled around the world
  2. ezgif-3776350737Lived in Sydney
  3. tumblr_o7xtfsREb51s9l8tco3_540Went to the F1 Australian GP (walked on the grid the morning of the race)
  4. Timon-Dancing-In-Hawaiian-Attire-In-The-Lion-KingVisited Hawaii
  5. giphy-1Won in Vegas
  6. ezgif-1750980382Graduated with a First Class Degree with honours
  7. tumblr_m6e6mxbM071rvgh3wo1_500Gave a lecture as an Alumni of my University
  8. Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 23.44.05Founded the 12 Devs of Xmas seasonal article series and organised 5 series of articles
  9. photo1Helped out at the early beginnings of the immensely successful Code Club
  10. giphy-3Lived in London
  11. ezgif-4028714566Organised and hosted 4 events in London
  12. giphy-5Saw my favourite comedian live, every time he appeared in London
  13. giphy-6Became a published author (Buy it here!)
  14. giphy-7Raised over £1,000 for charity through cycling events, including riding the RideLondon 100 twice
  15. sassconf2014Spoke at conferences around the world (notably New York, Amsterdam, Milan)
  16. giphy-8Learned to snowboard – and subsequently injured myself on my first snow holiday
  17. giphy-9Driven an Aston Martin DB9 and a Jaguar E-Type
  18. Barenaked-Ladies-1-Birmingham-2015Saw my favourite band live, twice!
  19. 2641545.main_imageMoved in with a girl!
  20. giphy-10Lost ~15Kg and started successfully dieting for the first time in my life

So that was my 20s. When I started to make this list, the first few things are quite easy to come up with, but after a while reflecting back on those 10 years you start to remember all sorts of little details and good memories.

There’s still a lot I want to do in life, this list is by no means what I’d consider complete. There’s already a few things in the works for the coming year or so that I’m really looking forward to. But for now I’m going to enjoy turning 30 and celebrate with friends and forget about doing things in life and just enjoy living it for a bit.