Weeknotes #1

I’ve started to feel a bit bogged down with learning and various work/web-related things lately, so in order to try to take a bit of weight off of my shoulders I’ve decided to start writing some notes each week to recap what I’ve been up to each week. The aim will be to share things I’ve been reading about and anything interesting I’ve been working on and also to prompt me to do a bit more writing as I feel I’ve been a bit lacking on that front lately too.

This week I’ve not much to share in terms of reading as I only decided to take this on mid-week and have forgotten some of the things I’ve been reading. In future weeks I’m going to try to keep a file open to constantly update with links and thoughts as the week goes. This week it’s kind of a “what on Earth did I do this week?” sort of feeling so is going to be pretty brief.

The main thing I’ve been keeping an eye on this week is the release of Yarn, a new package manager being worked on by several folks at Facebook and various other high-profile teams in the web/JavaScript community. I’m interested mainly from a point of view of seeing how this could work in the Origami ecosystem and whether this could finally help move us away from Bower as our package manager. With Yarn we’d be able to get the flat file structure we need as well as work from Bower and NPM registries. I also really like the idea of the yarn.lock file, coming from a PHP environment and having used composer it’s something I’m familiar with a can related to more easily, in the packages based system. I’ll be looking into this more in the next few weeks so hopefully will keep the updates coming in subsequent “Weeknotes”. One of the most useful articles I’ve seen so far is this NPM vs Yarn cheat-sheet that will certainly come in useful when making the transition.

Also speaking of Origami, I’ve got a lot of articles and videos queued up to read/watch in the coming weeks on design systems and pattern libraries. One that I did get round to reading however was Alla Kholmatova‘s post on maintaining and organising Future Learn’s pattern library. Not so long ago we did a similar thing with Origami’s modules, opting for a really simplified system of “Primitives”, “Components”, “Layouts”, and “Utilities”, which you can see in the Origami Registry. It was nice to see parallels in what Alla’s been working on and understand where they had issues that we could potentially come up against too.

That’s about it for this week, next week I’m hoping I’ll have a lot more links and learning’s to share. Considering I’m going to start taking on learning a bit more about JS and ES2015 in the near future, and may have just decided to re-write my blog (again):

I think there’s be enough things to share over the next few weeks. In terms of this weekend, I’m hoping to get a bit of time away from web things, but also try to take another look at some performance updates for the LDNWebPerf website ahead of my talk at Velocity Conf next month, which should be fun!