New interview on To BEM or not to BEM

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cristiano for a few years having met through various web community events. Recently he asked me to take part in his interview series To BEM or not to BEM which talks to front-end developers about the BEM styling methodology and many more aspects of styling.

I really enjoyed talking to Cristiano, discussing not only BEM but more wider aspects of styling using current techniques and tools as well as what’s coming up in the future of web development. You can read the full interview on the website. I really enjoyed the informal style of the discussion too, all taking place through Twitter DMs meaning we were a bit more conversational and allow the conversation and topics to flow freely.

I’m the sixth interviewee on the site so there’s already 5 other great interviews with developers from around the world including one of the members of the original BEM team. It’s a great series, well worth checking out! Thanks for having me Cristiano.